Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I called Jenifer after I got home from work because she had called earlier this week and said we were to take Cesar back to the vet on Thursday, and I needed to know what time. She answered her phone and we started discussing our course of action to take Cesar back to the vet. Remember, I had been nervous about this as Jenifer had said we were going to have to put him in the car again because “he has to learn to ride in the car”. So I asked her, “How are we going to get him to the vet?” Jenifer replied, “Well, I’ve decided we’ll just put him in his crate and take him that way.” (What’s this “I’ve decided?” That was my original idea!) I was so relieved to hear her say that and agreed that would be the best way to transport him.

I then asked Jenifer if we were going to sedate him, and she indicated she had already talked to Dr. Saldanha and he had told her to give Cesar six of the Ace tablets. I said, “Six! That’s more than last time. Why six?” She replied that that’s what the doctor ordered. I said, “He must really want him to be knocked out by the time he gets him then. Man, six…..” Jenifer replied, “He’ll be alright. I’ll sedate him before you get here.

While we were talking, Jenifer told me, “You know, he doesn’t like the name Cesar.” I said, “He doesn’t? How do you know? He tell you that?” Jenifer said, “No, but he doesn’t respond to it. I’ve run down a list of all the names I can think of, and that’s not one he responds to.” I said, “Well, of course not. That’s probably not his name from before. We’ll never be able to figure out his name.” And she said, “Well, how about the name Oliver? He responds to that.” I said, “Oliver?” Jenifer replied, “Yeah. He likes the name Oliver and we can call him Ollie for short.” I said, “No way. I am not naming my dog Oliver! No way.” She said, “I like the name Oliver.” I replied that I didn’t. I then said, “Okay, I’ll admit Cesar doesn’t really fit him, but I don’t like the name Oliver. Let me think of something else.” Jenifer said, “Hey, aren’t you kind of spiritual?” I said, “Yeah.” She said, “Then come up with a spiritual name or something like that.” I said, “Let me pull out my Bible and I’ll get some names from there.”

We then agreed to meet at her house at 7:30 in the morning. Jenifer said she’d be getting up around 6:00 and she would give Cesar the sedatives then. I told her I’d see her in the morning and we hung up the phone.

I then pulled out my Bible and went to the Concordence in the back of it. I started writing down all the male names I came across, and there were quite a few of them. Some of the names were too long or too many syllables, so I didn’t select them, but by the time I got done, I had a list of at least ten names. We should be able to find one that fit, I would think. I looked at the list, and the two names that jumped out at me were Jonah and Noah. I’d take the list with me and see if any of the names appealed to Jenifer.

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