Thursday, October 8, 2009


I arrived at Jenifer’s house at 7:30 and she met me at the gate. We walked back to the kennel where Cesar was. He was standing inside his kennel, looking at us. I asked Jenifer if she had given him the sedatives, and she said, “Yep! All six at once just like the doctor ordered.” I said, “Wow. He’s really going to be wiped out this time.” Jenifer said, “Well, I gave them to him a good hour ago, so go ahead and get him into his kennel and I’ll go finish getting ready.”

I looked at Cesar and you could see he was somewhat groggy. I went inside his kennel and walked over to his crate. I had to put the door back on it, so I did that first. Then, I gently lead Cesar towards his crate and guided him inside it. He slowly walked right in with very little hesitation. I then shut the door behind him. Good boy, Cesar! I’m glad to see you’re so agreeable this time.

After a few minutes, Jenifer came out and saw that Cesar was inside his kennel and ready to go. She said, “All right! Good job. You ready to go?” I said, “Ready when you are.” Together we gently lifted Cesar’s crate and took it out to the car. She opened the back door of her car and we placed his crate inside. Cesar was just lying down in his crate, looking at us, with those little brown points above his eyes moving back and forth.

We got to the vet’s office and checked in at the front counter. While we waited in the lobby, Jenifer and I started talking about Cesar, and I told her I had come up with a list of names. I pulled my list out and the first name I told her was Moses. She said, “Moses……..hhhmmm…” I then said, “Jonah.” She said, “Jonah. I like that. That’s the guy who got swallowed by the whale, right?” I then said, “Yep, that’s him. How about Noah.” Jenifer said, “Noah. Now I really like that. Noah.” I said, “You like that? I like that one too. Which do you like better, Jonah or Noah?” She said, “Noah. I really like the name Noah. That’s different. I like it.” I said, “Yeah, me too. You don’t ever hear of any dogs named Noah, and Noah went through a lot of struggles in life, just like this dog. You know, it took him 120 years to build the ark and the whole time, nobody believed him when he told them why he was building it.” She looked at me and said, “Noah. I really like that name for him.” I told her, “Well, Noah it is then.” I rattled off a couple other names like Zachariah and Nehemiah, but she immediately said, “Too long.” I said, “Yeah, I thought so. Too many syllables, huh.”

At this time, we were led to a room where Dr. Saldanha came in and met with us. He sat down and looked at me and said, “I have to say. Your dog looks really good.” I said, “Doesn’t he? He looks great, huh?” He said, “Yes, he looks really good.” You could tell--he was shocked to see Noah looking so well! We then talked about his course of treatment for Noah, and Dr. Saldanha said he’d be removing the stitches that weren’t going to dissolve, giving Noah his next series of shots, and then they’d bathe him. He said we could pick him up later that afternoon.

We got back to Jenifer’s house and agreed that I’d come back later that afternoon, around 4:00, and then we’d go back to the vet’s office and pick up Noah. I told her I’d go back to work for a few hours and would be back at 4:00.

I arrived back at Jenifer’s house at 4:00. We drove to the vet’s office and checked in at the front counter. We waited approximately twenty minutes and then we were called to the front counter so I could sign paperwork. A short time later, we were told to pull up by the back door so we could load Noah’s crate into Jenifer’s car. We loaded his crate into the car and then headed back to Jenifer’s.

We unloaded Noah’s crate and placed it in his kennel. He was clearly wiped out again and just stayed lying down in his crate. We opened the door so he could come out when he was ready.  At one point, Jenifer called out, “Noah, come here boy. Come here.” I said, “Jenifer, don’t do that. He can’t even stand.” However, it was too late. Noah heard her calling him and attempted to stand up and walk out of his crate. He got to the door of his crate and ended up lying down with his head hanging outside of his crate and his body inside.

At this time, Jenifer got the hose and started spraying out Noah’s kennel as she hadn’t had a chance to spray it out earlier. She turned her back for a moment to go turn the water off, and her dog Luscious suddenly ran into the kennel where Noah was laying. I immediately turned to Jenifer and said, “Have they met before?” She said, “Nope.”

We sat there and watched Luscious and Noah. Jenifer had her camera and was taking photos. Luscious just ran around, sniffing the whole kennel area, and Noah just lay there, watching him. At one point, Luscious got a little too close for Noah’s comfort. He bent down to sniff near Noah’s face, and Noah immediately turned and bared his teeth at Luscious. I said to Jenifer, “Did you see that?” She said, “See what?” I said, “Noah just bared his teeth at Luscious.” She said, “He did not!” I said, “He most certainly did! You had the camera up to your face so you must have missed it.” Jenifer then scrolled through the pictures she had on her camera and she found one where Luscious was rearing back and had this funny, shocked look on his face. She said, “Oh, yeah, I guess you’re right. Look at Luscious in this picture.” I said, “Yeah, that must have been it. He turned and bared his teeth right at him. I guess Luscious got too close for his comfort.”

At one point, Jenifer picked up a red ball and started throwing it in the kennel for Luscious. She even threw it in the pool, and he went after it and got it out. She then threw it into a big red water barrel (that was at least two feet deep) that was in the kennel and told Luscious, “Get it. Get the ball.” It was funny because Luscious kept looking in the barrel and then looking at Jenifer and he’d start barking, as if to say, “I can’t get it. You get it.” She simply kept saying, “Get the ball, Luscious. Get the ball.” He kept looking in the barrel, and then he’d start to stick his face in the water but immediately pull it back out. At one point, he started swishing the water out with his paw as if he was going to try to drain some of it out that way. He did that several times and then looked at Jenifer and started barking again. She just said, “Get the ball.” He again started swishing the water out with his paw and kept barking. Finally, after trying in vain to swish enough water out, he stopped at one point, looked down at the ball at the bottom of the barrel, and dunked his whole head in and got the ball! We couldn’t believe it. He did a face dive and got his ball! We both praised him and told him what a good job he had done, and you could tell—he was proud of himself for getting that ball! What a dog! You could see—that dog loved Jenifer and would do whatever she said, even if it meant face-diving for his ball.

The whole time, Noah just laid there. He was too wiped out to do anything else. All the commotion didn’t even seem to phase him. 

A short time later, Jenifer’s dad, Alan, showed up. He immediately asked how Noah was doing and we told him he was resting as he was still sedated. He walked into his kennel and leaned down and petted Noah’s head. Jenifer told him, “We changed his name to Noah.” Her dad said, “Noah. I like that!” Well, it seems that after three tries, we finally found a name that fit. Noah it is, and Noah it will stay.

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